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Honda N-Van Petrol 660 Turbo Style Fun Honda Sensing (A) (available in All Colors)

The Japanese love their kei cars. Super popular with their combination of cuteness and practicality, the N-Van has been getting lots of love in Singapore too. This adorable van features a boxy body type and bulgy headlights. It's great for those who need a reliable machine for their commercial business, and also suitable for those looking for a spacious vehicle for their personal use. Come try it for yourself at Autodealz.

As the N-Van is classified as a Goods vehicle, it will need to be registered under a company. Do check with our friendly sales consultant on how this can be done for you.

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Technical Specifications

Honda N-Van Petrol 660 Turbo Style Fun Honda Sensing (A)

Engine capacity [cc]658
Power47kW (63bhp)
Torque [Nm at rpm]104
Acceleration 0-100km/h [s]-
Top Speed [km/h]-
Turning Radius [mm]-
Fuel Consumption [km/L]23.6
VES BandingB

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