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Nissan NV200 1.6 Panel Van (A)Available in Grey & Silver

The Nissan NV200 Vanette is for those who are looking for a commercial van that is a bit different. The exterior design dynamically blends a large, square cargo area with a uniquely sporty front end. Combining sharpness and elegance, the NV200 Vanette's low, wedge-shaped waistline contributes to superior driver visibility, while also providing a truly unique appearance that is instantly recognizable as something new and fresh in the category.


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Technical Specifications

Nissan NV200 1.6 Panel Van (A)

Engine capacity [cc]1,597
Power [hp (kW) at rpm]81 (108)
Torque [Nm at rpm]152
Acceleration 0-100km/h [s]-
Top Speed [km/h]-
Turning Radius [mm]-
Fuel Consumption [km/L]13.7
VES Banding$10,000 rebate

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